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Follow Your Hormones:
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Benefits of EstroMend™
“Estrogen” is the name given to a group of hormones including estradiol, estrone, estriol, etc. These charts compare EstroMend™ to estradiol (E2) the estrogen most widely studied as effective in relieving menopause associated symptoms and risks. Estradiol is a common ingredient in bioidentical HRT.

EstroMend™ will support the optimal function of estradiol in its ability to maintain health of many tissues.
Additionally, the components have been synergistically combined in EstroMend™ to provide support for a wide range of physiological functions.

Use With or Without Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
EstroMend™ may be used with bioidentical estrogen therapy to support the optimal function of estrogen.
EstroMend™ may be also be used without estrogen therapy to support the optimal function of existing hormone levels.
A Hormone Specific Formulation
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